SRAM Eagle XX1 AXS 10-52 upgrade kit with cassette & chain

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SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit 1x12 | 10-52 teeth

NB: During the pandemic, delivery times are approximately 7-10 working days but not guaranteed.
NB: Now also includes a battery charger as it wasn't previously being sold with one!

With the XX1 Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit you can equip your bike with the new Eagle cassettes with 52 teeth. The increased bandwidth compared to the Eagle cassettes with 10-50 teeth not only offers more reserves for extremely steep climbs. With the bandwidth increased to 520%, high-performance riders can ride a larger chainring without impairing the climbing abilities of the bike. As a result, the drive enables a higher top speed and the driver also uses the larger sprockets of the cassette, which are more efficient. With the 4 different color variants of cassette and chain, you can set a visual accent on your bike.

Rear derailleur
The Eagle AXS rear derailleur is the brain of the vector group and was specially developed for optimal switching performance with an electric motor. Shifting under load and on rough ground now works even more precisely. This gives you even more confidence in the bike under extreme stress and you can only concentrate on the trail. The new overload clutch ensures better protection of the rear derailleur in the event of a fall. It briefly decouples the rear derailleur during extreme loads, so that it can avoid the load and the electric motor is protected from damage. However, the rear derailleur immediately jumps back into gear. As an extremely positive side effect, the rear derailleur suspension and derailleur hanger are better protected in the event of a fall. In addition, a 10 mm shorter rear derailleur arm protects the rear derailleur from contact with the ground. For more chain wrapping and thus better shifting performance, the parallelogram has slipped a little further forward.

The AXS controller is the control center for the Eagle XX1 and X01 AXS switch groups. With its newly designed rocker switch, the AXS Controller offers you a completely new switching experience. The buttons on the rocker can be individually configured using the AXS app. In addition to the two switching points at the usual position, the controller offers a sprint shifter on the front of the handlebar, which can be operated without having to release a finger from the handle.

With the proven SRAM X-Dome technology, the Eagle 12-speed cassette is one of the most durable and stiff cassettes on the market. SRAM achieves this by milling the cassette from a block. This manufacturing technique also allows the weight to be kept extremely low even with durable steel pinions. Only the 52 sprocket is made of aluminum.


The SRAM Eagle 12-speed chain has a very large part in the smoothness and smooth running of the X01 Eagle AXS 12-speed group. This is achieved through particularly rounded outer plates and the consequent elimination of sharp edges. The HollowPin construction enables smooth, precise shifting and weight savings without compromising on strength. The pins are reinforced by a chrome coating. Different coatings offer a high level of corrosion protection and reduce the friction of the chain. The revised PowerLock chain lock has a longer shelf life and is even easier to use.

SRAM charger for RED eTap | etap AXS | Eagle AXS

Replacement charger for SRAM eTap / AXS batteries. The charger can be connected to any USB-compatible power source. The battery of the derailleur or rear derailleur is ready for use again in a charging time of approx. 45 minutes.

Technical specifications:

Cassette material: steel, aluminum
Trigger and rear derailleur material: aluminum, carbon (front derailleur cage)
Switching stages: 12
Position controller: right
Attachment controller: via Sram Discrete Clamp (included) or Matchmaker X
Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-52
Translation bandwidth: 520%
Compatibility freewheel: 11-, 12-speed SRAM XD MTB
Compatibility derailleur: SRAM Eagle 10-52 teeth and 10-50 teeth cassettes
Color of cassette and chain: copper, rainbow, gold or black
Color derailleur and controller: black, lunar gray

Weight according to the manufacturer: approx. 1100g
Weight weighed: N / A

Scope of delivery:

SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS rear derailleur 12-speed | 52T (lunar gray) including battery
SRAM cassette XG-1295 or XG-1299 X-Dome 12-speed (copper, gold or rainbow) | 10-52 teeth (for XD freewheel)
SRAM Eagle chain | 12-speed (copper, gold, rainbow or black) including chain lock
SRAM Eagle AXS controller 12-speed including Discrete Clamp clamp
SRAM charger for RED eTap | etap AXS | Eagle AXS