2020 Rockshox Pike DJ

  • £580.00

Rock Shox Pike DJ Solo Air 26 "Dirt and Street Fork

The jumps are getting higher and higher, the tricks are constantly evolving and the crowd in slopestyle and dirt jumping competitions wants a fork that will make it easier to master this trend. Stage for the Pike DJ: The little brother of the award-winning pike has a sturdy 35mm tube and is light enough to make it to the top, and stiff enough to thunder over dirts even faster. The suspension fork is available with a travel of 100 and 140 mm. The individually adjustable Charger damping shines in any kind of jumps and the special Solo Air system has countless damping settings for buttery soft landings. The Pike DJ offers everything you love on the pike, but is aimed at drivers who want extra high.



  • Travel: 100 or 140mm (note model)
  • Impeller size: 26 "
  • Weight: 1.845g (100mm vesion)
  • Attenuation: Charger damping
  • Solo Air Feather
  • External rebound
  • Low-speed compression
  • Steerer Tapered 1.5
  • Fork forged aluminum hollow
  • Stanchions 35mm Fast Black
  • Magnesium immersion tubes
  • Axis 15x100mm Maxle Ultimate
  • Height: 482mm - 100mm travel
  • Height: 522mm - 140mm travel


Soloair manual
Rock Shox prints air spring manuals for all their air suspension forks. While they are not a technological feat, you can use them to set up your suspension in seconds instead of minutes. Plus, spending more time on your bike equals more opportunities to become the mountain king on your favorite track. Maybe that's a technological feat.

Charger Damper
Performance-oriented: No compromise for the lockout: Since the efficiency circuits ("pedal" and "lock") are located directly behind the powerful damping, there is no need to compromise on impact. So you can take fast downhills and still have a high pedal stability for climbs that bring your legs to a boil.

Rapid Recovery: More control with less energy.

Enhanced Bladder Material: The extruded bladder material is incredibly resilient, withstands damping changes on long descents, and has virtually no offset for perfect responsiveness with small punches.

Maxle Ultimate
Basic things like axes are often the easiest to miss. However, take a look at the Maxle Ultimate, and you'll be glad that Rockshox has given the little but fine details a lot of attention. With just one hand, the Maxle Ultimate can be removed or installed. The personalization of the lever placement takes place completely without the use of tools. Maxle Ultimate is the easiest to use axle system in the world. No tools, no worries, so you can concentrate on the way.