Shimano Saint BR-M820 Brakes

  • £270.00

This is the Shimano Saint M820 Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Ispec B Compatible. Shimano’ Saint M820 brakes are now compatible with the 2nd generation Ispec. The Saint M820 has a high-performance caliper with 4-ceramic pistons in two different diameters proving smooth and forceful braking when it matters most. Thanks to the ergonomic anti-slip 1.5 finger brake lever and Servo Wave Mechanism with short lever stroke, this brake system is easy and comfortable to use. Super stiff 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent feel. The Saint M820 is very simple to fine tune as it has adjustable free stroke and toolless reach adjustment. Easy to bleed with its one-way bleed system – quick, easy and clean with funnel tool.

New Saint is dedicated to DH racing, new Saint enhances concentration and focus through seamless and stable bike control, new Saint accelerates and decelerates at World cup levels. The M820 features Shimano’s ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat management to keep your brakes working when it matters most. Constant braking leads to heat, controlling this head is key to reducing brake fade, increasing pad life and reducing noise. Efficient heat dissipation is the way forward, the Ice tech pads have cooling fins, dissipating this heat. High braking performance can be maintained throughout your rides. Grab yourself the brand new Shimano Saint M820 2015 Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Ispec2BCompatible.

Shimano Saint M820 – Ispec B Compatible, Servo Wave Mechanism with short lever stroke
Shimano Saint M820, High-performance caliper with 4-ceramic pistons in two different diameters
2nd generation I-Spec
Adjustable free stroke and toolless reach adjustment
One-way bleed system: quick, easy and clean with funnel tool
Not Included
Post Mount
Extra Features:
Ice-Technologies to reduce brake fade
302 g (front brake incl. brake lever, hose, brake)

NB: The brakes will be delivered from my supplier in Germany and will therefore come Euro style (back brake on the right). All you'll need is an 8mm spanner to unscrew the hoses at the lever end and swap them round.


If they are the newest version of the brakes, the lever comes disassembled from the hose, but both are pre-filled and sealed. You get spare olives and inserts and can shorten them before fitting :)